When should I use Wardrobe Boxes when packing for a move?

Posted on: 24/06/2014

When should I use Wardrobe Boxes when packing for a move?
Wardrobe boxes are the best when you can get them to work. They come flat packed with a metal rod to put across the middle. They can take a couple of try's to put them together. A lot of them need to be taped strategically in order for them to stay together and protect clothing. The only thing is most of the wardrobe boxes people use do not point out the ‘tape here’ points. People tend to work-out what more needs to be done to keep everything together. Eventually they do the job.
These wardrobe boxes are ideal for hanging up clothes including outfits, suits and dresses for transit or storage. As wonderful as they are they do tend to be a little more expensive than normal boxes. To avoid unnecessary expense you may ask yourself, when should I use them?
Production costs do mean they are relatively a little more costly comparing cubic dimensions to that of normal type boxes. For this reason wardrobe boxes should be a used only where necessary and along with normal boxes whenever possible. Along side boxes, vacuum bags and normal bags should also be used.
Using normal boxes if you do not mind folding certain clothes they are very a wonderful way to pack for storage or moving. Use Boxes up to about 500mm cubed for this. These boxes when doubled-walled can hold in slight excess of 20 kg in weight. They should not be too heavy to carry as they have clothes contained within.
Try to use wide pvc tape. Apply two or three times to the box flaps to keep them firmly shut. With a marker pen, label the boxes to ensure they are distinguishable from other boxes. If these boxes are to be stored, ensure they are are kept within a cool dry place avoid dust and moisture. None of those elements will help to keep your clothes fresh and dry for later use.
Using plastic clothes bags is a great way to move unfolded clothes. Try not to overload these bags making them harder to manage on the move. Wherever possible, try to use bags stronger than bin liners to ensure your clothes travel safe or are stored well protected from the elements.
Vacuum bags protect your goods from dust and moisture. The great thing about vacuum bags are that they are fully reusable. Whether your clothes are to be moved or stored, this is a wonderfully effective way to do things. You simply pack your goods in a bag then suck the air out to save space. These bags are easily handled by all and are usually quite durable.
Hopefully this should help advise in your decision for the efficient and effective packing of clothes for storage and/or transit. On that note, try to use doubled boxes whenever you can for adequate protection. Your clothes should have more than enough protection with that approach.
See an example here: http://bit.ly/1l8aWmp
The Bluebox Team